Essay On Nutrition Month Celebration

Essay On Nutrition Month Celebration-75
This Nutrition Month of July shall be in lieu of the previously declared Nutrition Week in March.

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Be sure to discuss the point of nutrition month, and why it is important to remember in a special way.

Also be sure to include an explanation of what the month entails.

1st year Dependable got the 1st place, 3rd year A got the 2nd place and 1st year committed got the 3rd place.

After few minutes of break, the Search for A1 child 2008 started.

Proteins are important macromolecules, consisting of smaller blocks – amino acids that are extremely important for cell biochemistry, hence, for its proper work.

Proteins are building materials for cells and perform the role of public transport, transporting different elements and other molecules from cell to cell.2nd year students got the taste of the judges and won the contest.In the afternoon, the program is held in the Life Church auditorium. You will see that all of the contestants are giving their best.6 children from the Preschool Department joined the contest. The audience cheered when they saw these children dressed with their costumes related to fruits and vegetables, sport wears, and school uniforms.The mass stood up form their chair and clapped their hands when the children showed their talents.Some of the games are Tug of War, Stop Dance and Pasa Buko.The food cooking competition started an hour and a half before noon.Since it is a welcome address, be sure also to welcome everyone to the space, to nutrition month, and thank them for coming.Nutrition Month Celebration Last July, Life College has a celebration for Nutrition Month.While the food fair is on going, chosen grade 1to 4 students participated in Poster Making Contest. The contest was not that easy because they must just used their fingers and natural food color for painting. Aside from those activities, some of the students join the parlor games.Their activeness in the games showed that they are healthy and fit.


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