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Because in his great might He had created Auschwitz?” Eliezer’s story is a cruel reversal of Exodus, the Old Testament epic of liberation and triumph.

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Buchenwald is freed only when the camp’s resistance movement takes up arms against its Nazi captors.

The symbol of freedom is an American tank arriving at Buchenwald’s gates.

Wiesel’s prose style is terse and often understated.

Eliezer rarely editorializes in , Wiesel became a spokesperson for all those who suffered during Hitler’s reign.

Wiesel, indeed any writer who tries to depict the horrors of the Holocaust, has to put into words a sequence of terrible events that can never be adequately rendered in language.

No description of the Nazi death camps, no matter how skillfully and realistically narrated, can fully depict the terrors that millions of people experienced during World War II.Although the powerful tale told in is deeply personal, Eliezer’s narrative can also be viewed as the story of all European Jews who suffered during the reign of Adolf Hitler.When Eliezer admonishes the Jews of Sighet for their refusal to heed the warnings of Moshe the Beadle, when he questions why his fellow Jewish citizens passively follow the orders of their German captors, when he asks why God lets thousands of Jews be put to death Eliezer becomes a Jewish Everyman struggling in anguish to understand the most troubling chapter in his people’s history.The process by which Eliezer begins to doubt God and eventually lose his faith reflects the experience of many Jews during and after the Holocaust.Seeing three concentration camp inmates hanging from a gallows, Eliezer reasons that God, too, has been hanged., the first novel of Elie Wiesel’s trilogy on Holocaust concentration camp survivors, is an autobiographical novel that records the author’s own long night of captivity in the Nazi death camps during World War II.Like Eliezer, the novel’s narrator, Wiesel was forced from his own village into Auschwitz, became separated from his mother and sisters, witnessed his father’s slow decline and death, and was eventually liberated at the end of the war.He was one of the first Holocaust survivors to record his experiences, and he made the rest of the world aware of the horrors that had been perpetrated by Hitler in his campaign to exterminate European Jewry.Night is a novel written from the perspective of a Jewish teenager, about his experiences as a prisoner during the Holocaust.Wiesel and other Holocaust survivors nevertheless felt compelled to record their stories for their contemporaries and for history, and in its plot, characterization, and prose strategies is a literary work of the highest order.Wiesel narrates the events of his captivity in a series of vignettes suited to the story of separation, annihilation, and loss.


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