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As your guests arrive, hand each woman five to ten Hershey Kisses.

Host a grand feast, paint your door scarlet red, pop some firecrackers, or light your home with glowing paper lanterns to celebrate the lunar new year.

Discover age-old traditions and learn how to sweep away the bad luck and welcome good fortune.

Divide your group into teams of from six to ten people.

Mark a starting line on the rug with masking tape and place a bowl of cotton balls and a jar of Vaseline on a table.

The goal is to use the teaspoon to fill the container with the beverage. You will need a banana and an orange for each guest.

Place a hula hoop in the center of the room and have the players form a circle around it at equal distances.

The fun comes when guests see some unusual pairings.

Repeat the pairings as often as desired and still enjoyable.

Some games work well as ice breakers or need to begin at the start of your party.

Set up a table just inside the door with the materials for the following games.


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