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” The ACA encourages students to describe how agriculture impacts their daily life and how it will feed the world with the growing population.As you prepare your entry, consider how you might draw on, or examine, some of the following trends: U. farmers are among the most productive in the world.

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What viewers saw of him, therefore, seemed spectral, ghostlike—a pale, seemingly disembodied face floating in the middle of the screen.

Kennedy, on the other hand, was expertly made up and wore a dark suit that stood out crisply against the background.

They proudly raise crops and livestock because they want to help feed hungry people.

You can show your support for them, and all of agriculture, by submitting your entry by January 31, 2019.

And we need to do so in two different, but complementary ways. Until the 1920’s, the news media consisted entirely of print media: newspapers and magazines.

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What Americans knew about the world of national politics and government, they knew because they read it.Ronald Reagan represented a further step up the evolutionary ladder of media and politics.He was a professional actor who for many years had earned his living by relating appealingly to audiences through the camera lens. Every president in the television age must have an actor’s skills.It took a while for presidents to master the new medium.Herbert Hoover tended to shout his speeches into the radio microphone as if, for all his training and experience as an engineer, he really could not believe that his voice would be heard around the country if he spoke normally. Roosevelt was the first to grasp fully not only the technology of radio, but also the setting in which people listened to radio.When the president spoke over the airwaves, he was heard not by great masses of voters in an arena, but by families in their living rooms.And so FDR developed the Fireside Chat, in which he spoke to Americans in a conversational voice, as if he had just dropped in to tell them what was going on in Washington. The 1950’s were for television what the 1920’s had been for radio: in 1950, 90 percent of American homes did not have a television set; by 1960, 90 percent did.The journalist Fred Barnes recently remarked that in the contemporary national news media, every question boils down to one: “How is the president doing?” That simply was not the case during most of our history. In 1920, there were two radio stations in the United States, one in Pittsburgh and one in Detroit. Five years after that, the NBC and CBS national radio networks were up and running.(So, by then was ) Radio wrought a tremendous transformation in American political life, perhaps greater than the transformation later wrought by television.Insiders knew that the president’s aides had prepared him in advance for every possible question.But here is what the television showed: on the one side, the president, dramatically alone, like a gladiator in the arena; on the other side, a crowd of reporters hurling what appeared to be sharp verbal spears at him, which he fended off with seemingly heroic grace and skill.


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