Essay On Loadshedding Of Electricity In Pakistan In English

Essay On Loadshedding Of Electricity In Pakistan In English-28
The crisis often has effects on the rest of the economy, with many recessions being caused by an energy crisis in some form.In particular, the production costs of electricity rise, which raises manufacturing costs.For the consumer, the price of gasoline (petrol) and diesel for cars and other vehicles rises, leading to reduced consumer confidence and spending, higher transportation costs and general price rising. Whatever resources are available are simply too expensive to buy or already acquired by countries which had planned and acted long time ago.

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Pakistan is currently facing up to 18 hours of electricity outage a day, is expected to face more if not dealt with in time.

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In a report it is claimed that Pakistan has faced 1000 to 2000 MW shortage of power. Pakistan is facing 80 millions tons of oil shortage according to its need.

And is lacking behind the needs of natural gas at about 27 million ton of energy in current year and this ratio will raise in upcoming years.


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