Essay On English As An Official Language

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Utility It is through the use of a language like English that business can be carried out and brings about profits.

The reason behind this is that, numbers mater most when it comes to business and a language like English that is used by billions of people all over the world means good returns.

The internet is as well a good source of English language and is more practical as aspects such as the social media have made it easier to learn the language.

It is the language that is most used as a mode of communication in the social media.

If the trend continues, this will aggravate the segregation eventually alienating the Spanish and other communities as well.

It is therefore necessary to have a unifying linguistic factor which would also go a long way in alleviating the racial conflicts Bilingualism is proving to be too expensive for the American tax payers.Scientific innovations are precisely expressed in the English language.In this field, English has proved to be viable tools as even other languages tend to borrow some scientific terms from the English language.It is therefore very obvious that the language of choice here would be none other than English.English language has the largest vocabulary as compared to any other language in the world.The government has been allowing immigrants to use their native languages of which the government provides government funded translators.This is not only inconveniencing the whole system as more and more immigrants arrive from different countries, but will also be unsustainable in the near future.This shows that English opens up an avenue for American citizens to embrace more knowledge from other countries and societies.English is also used in majority of the American educational institutions.The United States (US) is home to many people who come from all parts of the world.This means that they come in with their native languages.


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