Essay On Discipline In The Classroom

A hot potato such as this is worth considering, if not investing due time on, normally, in pre-service training before we start the daunting duty of teaching.

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Discipline is the name of applying or adopting few core values or rules by a person.

A man when he is punctual, regular, honest and careful of his work, is called a disciplined man.

Discipline in the Classroom When interviewing Professor I found that by working diligently and participating in class, earning a good grade could be a task, which could be competed easily.

Professor Jesse Ligo is the freshmen accounting teacher at Thiel College In the one on one interview his personality seemed straight forward almost like is class.

Many people failed due to the lack of discipline only.

One of the most common complaints of teachers all over the world is that of disciplinary issues.

From here, I call upon all stakeholders in our educational field to participate and share ideas. A lesson depends on many factors to reach an acceptable level of success, one of which is discipline in the classroom.

No one can deny that little to no learning takes place in a chaotic class.

The teacher’s personality plays a pivotal role in class control.

A man/woman of values is respected and looked at as an educator not a mere teacher of a subject.


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