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Special (degenerate) cases of intersection occur when the plane passes through only the apex (producing a single point) or through the apex and another point on the cone (producing one straight line or two intersecting straight lines).), known as the “Great Geometer,” gave the conic sections their names and was the first to define the two branches of the hyperbola (which presuppose the double cone).Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

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Projectile motion was first studied by Galileo in the 17th century.

At that time, it was useful to determine the firing of a cannonball so as to reach enemy targets.

Vehicle headlights also have a parabolic curvature.

If a bulb is located exactly at the focus of a parabolic mirror, the rays are reflected parallel to the axis of the para...

When a parabola is expressed in Cartesian coordinates, the equation is a second order polynomial.

This curve is commonly found in nature, engineering applications and architecture.

Conic section, also called conic, in geometry, any curve produced by the intersection of a plane and a right circular cone.

Depending on the angle of the plane relative to the cone, the intersection is a circle, an ellipse, a hyperbola, or a parabola.

Archimedes is said to have used this property to set enemy ships on fire. Paul’s Cathedral in London—in which a whisper at one focus of an ellipsoid (an ellipse rotated about one axis) can be heard at the other focus, but nowhere else.

The focal properties of the ellipse were cited by Anthemius of Tralles, one of the architects for Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople (completed in whispering galleries—such as in the U. From the ubiquitous parabolic satellite dish (Parabolic satellite dish antenna Satellite dishes are often shaped like portions of a paraboloid (a parabola rotated about its central axis) in order to focus transmission signals onto the pickup receiver, or feedhorn.


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