Essay On Changes In Education System

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As we develop new and more effective tools and techniques to harness this power, it means that automation will become dramatically more powerful in the next decade.

In the past, automation has led to a steadily rising standard of living as well as new, better paying jobs that offer more opportunity. Automation, however, is changing standards so quickly that the skills we develop at the beginning of our careers may not be enough to allow us to make a living for more than a few years, and eventually a few months, before they become obsolete.

Education needs to emphasize our human talents and abilities.

We are headed into a world where creativity and innovative thinking will be more valuable than rote learning of any depth.

This means that our students will be competing with the best in the world in almost every field.

Worse, they are starting at a greater disadvantage: our school days are shorter, our school years are shorter, and our society no longer has the devotion to higher education exhibited by parents in developing countries.

Society does not suffer because these pressures exist; after all, this type of pressure has largely been responsible for the richness and luxury of our lives.

Yet, there is more to life than commercial offerings especially because they are shallow and lack deeper purpose.

Education provides context to history, art, depth of understanding, and perspective that some people would not otherwise experience.

This is part of the traditional role education fulfills in teaching about culture and the transmission of our society’s values.


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