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Some of them leave and with others you may grow apart; this is the natural process of life.

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A man's bookshelf will reveal everything you ever wanted to know.

A drawing room demands good furniture and extra material to look magnificent but it is imperfect without a bookshelf having good books.

The friendship of good books is the medicine of life but there are books more dangerous than snakes and more poisonous than scorpions.

We should choose the book wisely, because instead of increasing knowledge, they may contaminate our mind and leads us to a disaster.

You can set a workout plan together and motivate one another to achieve it.

Considering that you are friends, you might have something in similar; it can be your passion for cooking or even reading books.

They are the people you choose to be with and interact outside your family.

Sometimes they are there for you even when most of you closest family members refuse to offer support.

Just like friends, good books enrich our personality and we looks forward in a positive life. Some read novels, some read magazine, some read articles or story related books. Anyone can visit library and choose the book they want to read and hours can be spend in library.

Every person has different sweet tooth in books and have the right to choose the book compatible to their interest. Being friends with books always helps, as they neither demand nor compla Books are the gift of life, honour of a bibliophile and a man's best friend.


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