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The mixture of gases included, methyl isocyanate, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, phosgene, hydrogen chloride, monomethyl amine, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide.The cloud of gas contained materials that were denser than the surrounding air; this cloud of gas remained close to the ground and later spread out to the surrounding community.

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The gas had initial effects of exposure, which were evident through coughing, severe eye irritation, vomiting and a feeling of suffocation.

People who experienced these symptoms at the plant fled away, and those who were on foot inhaled more gas compared to those who had a vehicle.

And it is vital to do this that it’s not only the tragedy of Bhopal; it was posed by the problem from all over the world because there are still many events happened after that with exactly the same reasons.

We need to establish safe industry system to make sure that our happy life is not a disappointment. This factory was 50.9 0wned by the Union Carbide Corporation and 49.1 was owned by various Indian investors who included the public sector financial institutions.

These consequently raised the pressure to a level higher than what the tank was designed to withstand.

The emergency venting of pressure was forced from holding of methyl isocyanate, releasing substantial amounts of toxic gases to the atmosphere.

The Union Carbide Corporation was aware of the properties of methyl isocyanate as well as its handling requirements.

It was during the December 1984, at around 2-3, when the large amounts of water found its way to tank 610. This led to an exothermic reaction, which increased temperatures in the tank to more than 200C.

It also offers an exploration of how this tragedy happened, and what to be done can be against those toxic gases.

The Bhopal disaster led to thousands of deaths and much more disabilities.


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