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For example “The conditions of roads in India are negatively affecting India’s commercial progress in the 21st century”, or “What used to be a problem in India – bad roads between villages – is now the only hope for maintaining distinct social clusters in this rapidly expanding economy” or “Unless more money is spent improving the roads in India,...

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The internet, books and newspaper articles were also used, which were secondary sources of information as this was data written and published by other persons.

With the increasing population the problem of traffic control has become very acute in almost all the big cities in Pakistan.

The people of the villages, on the other hand, have been able to learn much from the towns.

As a result, there has been a lot of improvement in this country in all spheres of activity.

The increase in traffic has also increased the number of traffic accidents and our roads are growing dangerous day by day.

Unfortunately, we have little traffic sense and perhaps no respect for the traffic rules.

Today, the governments of all countries in the world are building more and more roads to gain access to the remotest regions of their countries.

Roads link towns and villages and enable the people of one place to communicate with the people of another place.

When food is scarce in one place, it can be brought from another place without much difficulty.

Even things which cannot be produced in one region can be brought from another region where they are produced in abundance.


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