Essay Of Wonder Of Science

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In the field of surgery and medicine the achievements of science are no less wonderful. In near future we would be able to have our bodies overhauled as we have our cars or washing-machines today.

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Science is the name of the process by which man satisfies these urges and aspirations.

Science has helped in understanding and solving the mysteries of nature.

It runs our big factories, mills and other industrial establishments. Science has relieved the housewife of much of her toil. We now have washing and sewing machines, dishwashers, grinders, juicers, automatic irons, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, micro-ovens, air-conditioners, personal computer and what not.

These gadgets have turned our world into a dreamland where you have only to wish and it is fulfilled the next moment. Many vital parts of our body can now be transplanted.

Man’s thirst for knowledge, discovery, inventions and self- expansion are limitless.

He is an ambitious and highly intelligent being always engaged in pushing farther and farther the limits of his knowledge and enlightenment.

It had produced many horrible weapons like atom and hydrogen bombs, missiles etc. We have so many deadly weapons of such great dimensions that they can destroy the whole world many times over.

Science is all-inclusive and very comprehensive and touches the life of everyone in more ways than we can imagine.

And it is just a beginning because the knowledge is very vast, deep, limitless and wonderful.

The beginning has been marvellous and augurs well for the humanity.


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