Essay Of The Effects Of Stress On Health

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This should not include alcohol-related situations as experts suggest this further fuels stress responses rather than diffusing them.

Alcohol masks relaxation, so “drinking stress away” simply adds new stress of a physical nature.

Adequate stress, whether physical or mental, is needed to promote adaptations in a bodily system; while excessive stress results in systemic breakdown.

Eustress is the term utilized to describe appropriate stress routinely applied for the provision of positive adaptive outcomes; distress describes an excessive level of stress that promotes negative outcomes.

In many cases, people do not realize the exact causes and frequency of stress in their lives.

Oftentimes there are certain individuals and locations that create the worst stress responses.

Therefore, most of the time we see the response occurring in a more chronic fashion such as worrying about uncontrollable, upcoming issues or challenges such as an exam, potential layoff, or financial uncertainty.

This constant liberation of adrenal hormones creates a saturated hormonal milieu.

This action is driven by the hypothalamus, an area of the brain that can send neurotransmitters programmed to promote excitation to the adrenal glands.

At the basic level the acute response ensured primitive human survival in varied environments; in modern society, safety and intensity are much more controlled.


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