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Canadian newspaper industry limits the production of high quality content because economic pressures suppress, rather than encourage, quality journalism....

[tags: Newspaper, Mass media, Journalism, Media] - The newspapers that I am going to analyze are The Guardian and The Sun.

Newspapers have been a reliable source of information for hundreds of years now but have been losing competition to new media hubs such as news television programs, radio stations and social media websites like twitter and Instagram.

All of these new forms of access differ in one way from newspapers, in that newspapers are posted daily where new media hubs can update to the minute granting that information quicker than a newspaper could....

- Is it morally right to prevent the distribution of a student newspaper because some students found an opinion piece offensive.

A student newspaper funded by the students has obligations to inform its readers on current events as well as be a platform for the student body to offer up opinions worthy of discourse.[tags: Advertising, Newspaper, Internet] - The history of American Newspaper illustrates the impact the news has made on the country, and runs parallel with the story of the United States.Newspapers have gone through many changes during the different historic eras of American history.[tags: Advertising, Newspaper, Mass media, Printing] - Over the past twenty years, the Australian newspaper industry has changed significantly, yet remains to be one of the nation’s integral cultural industries.According to Roy Morgan Research (2015), newspapers continue to wield great influence since they reach 12.3 million of 23.8 million Australian residents each week (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015).Both of the papers represent different approaches to news presentations; different ideologies, and therefore different potential reader groups.The Sun is a tabloid newspaper that reports news that is sensationalised and also takes a subjective angel.Whereas, The Guardian is a broadsheet which reports serious news that are quite detailed and balanced.Broadsheets are often called the ‘quality newspapers’ and therefore is aimed to readers that want more in-depth news....The newspapers remain the best option for reaching these individuals particularly those in office work.The advertisement will provide the graphic design of the Mac Book, outlining the key features, the place of purchases and the price.


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