Essay My First Work Experience

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My days here were passing quickly in the workplace as the patients kept me busy.

She tells us how she valued hard work, of how she used work experience as a way of education.

She made me feel sad for her but feeling sorry for the patients doesn't help in the caring profession.

Therefore I had to focus on the job I was there to do.

Although the patients were old not all of them were ill, therefore they needed exercise and showing them exercise videos where we all joined in.

This made it a fun time for them, thus making their day much more bearable.As my week progressed at the nursing home, so did my capabilities I grew more confident in the tasks I was being asked to perform. Getting to know my work mates on a daily basis made me feel that any problems I would be facing with the patients would be quickly diminished by simply asking for help on anything I wasn't sure of.I began helping with the bathing, dressing, feeding and aiding them with their toilet needs.Working at that job, I met my new manager Holly, and she was my trainer and friend too. She always told me that customer is our boss, so I have to be very responsible, respectful, and helpful to my customer.She assisted me without any exception whenever I needed her help.I was about thirteen when I realized I wanted a job, so I could have my own money.I’d even fill out applications online, lying about my age but it never worked.[tags: Play, Learning, Sales, Education] - We all want our first job when were in high school and to some of us it makes us feel more independent.Who wouldn’t want to stop relying on their parents for money.I was informed of my duties and One particular patient, Lizzie, who was 97 and looked very sad, and confused, due to her dementia, thinking that she was still at home during the war and thought she was a sixteen year old girl.I thought of how she must have felt, having the mind of a sixteen year old but the body of a ninety seven year old.


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