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Apart from the failure, the student may also face the academic examination and disciplinary body which may make severe judgment for instance suspension or probation in case of first attempt or discontinuation or expulsion of the students in case of repeated attempt which affects not only his or her academic life but also the general life for instance in terms of securing employment opportunities.

Social Learning Theory is the focus on learning socially constructed meanings and beliefs through the association of peers and family.

People are socialized to understand these meanings and beliefs then they negotiate these meanings through family and friends where they then are reinforced.

The education system is usually faced with a lot of challenges one of them being cheating in exams.

The main reason behind cheating in colleges is usually to pass the examination and reach the expected grades.

Akers adds that operant conditioning, such as external positive and negative reinforcement and punishers, along with imitation, and modeling contribute to the reason an individual leads to crime.

Most students doing PTE Academic gets stressed about PTE Essay Topics.

All in all the factors that lead to cheating do not in any way justify the wrong act and the students usually face a lot of consequences.

This paper gives an insight into some of the consequences faced by a college student because of cheating in exams.

Kane has grown up in a rough, predominantly black neighborhood filled with poverty, drug dealing, gang violence, and death.

The choices Kane has to make to better himself could result from the conclusion of a few different kinds of Criminal theories.


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