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We see this from a very early age when little boys are given cars and Lego while girls get dolls.

Hence, for very young children gender-neutral play needs to be encouraged.

As children get older, both the education system and the media must raise awareness of female achievements in the field of science, as well as exposing them to a more diverse set of characters in books and films.

It is not uncommon, for example, to see hospital physicians receiving the results of tests they have ordered shorty before on their hand-held computers, thereby being able to provide quicker response to patients’ needs.

Throughout the upcoming years we should expect further developments in this trend, albeit probably in a slower rate. diagnostic devices as tiny as post stamps) will be backed by portable computers (most probably hand-held), which will read, organize and transmit the results when needed.

Given these points, it is important to tackle this issue right from a child's early education.

By the time young women are at university, it may already be too late to disprove the view that science is 'not for them'.These are false stereotypes portrayed by the media, but they may mean that girls do not identify with scientists, and see science as an unappealing career path.If girls saw more positive female role models in science it would give them more confidence and a greater sense of belonging in those subjects.It is society, not nature, that tells us girls should favour arts and humanities and leave maths and physics to the boys.Coupled with this is the lack of positive female role models youngsters see doing science-related jobs.This essay briefly reviews one major aspect of this ever-changing environment, namely developments in Information Technology (IT) and their influence on Clinical Laboratory Science.The computerization of clinical laboratories has facilitated a smooth and highly efficient flow of information among the different stakeholders of the service.The tests themselves are made in fully automatized systems, which typically perform all the required spectroscopic and/or genetic tests from the same base sample, while controlling (though management software) for the quality of the tests, distributing the results, etc.The unambiguous result of this automatization is a sharp improvement in the reliability of the tests with minimal human interference.Finally, it is almost needless to say that the introduction of increasingly efficient laboratory IT implies ever-faster results.A test that would have taken more than a week to complete (as can be measured, for example, from the moment of taking the sample to arrival of the results) ten years ago and several days five years ago may take now hours or sometimes even minutes.


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