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But Tom was more venturesome than that, and with his best friend Huckleberry Finn, he lived everyday to its fullest.

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Tom and Becky are bedridden for most of the rest of the week.

Tom goes to see the invalid Huck that Friday, but the Widow Douglas warns him to avoid any upsetting topics.

Tom learns about Injun Joe’s attempt against the widow and also hears that Injun Joe’s companion was found drowned while trying to escape.

Two weeks after he finds his way out of the cave, Tom talks to Judge Thatcher and is told that the door of the cave has been shut and bolted from the outside to prevent anyone else from getting lost.

Not wanting to frighten Becky, he doesn’t tell her what he has seen, and he continues to explore other passages.

Tuesday night arrives, and Tom and Becky still have not been found.

Tom becomes horrified and tells the judge that Injun Joe remains in the caverns.

At the end of Chapter , the novel seems to be moving toward a final confrontation at the Widow Douglas’s house, but that resolution is thwarted when the Welshman chases off Injun Joe.

Twain also removes Huck from the action by having him get sick.

This temporary elimination of two main characters leaves the novel’s focus on Tom and Becky, lost in the cave.


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