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The costs of health care for business are escalating quickly, quicker than profits from increased productivity and inflation.

The costs of health care for business are escalating quickly, quicker than profits from increased productivity and inflation.The public sector faces the same problem of increasing health care expenditures, being the second fastest growing component of a federal budget.

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For instance, the uninsured are excluded from services, charged more for medical services and die when medical care could have saved them(Berkin, 2012).

America is known to have some of the best doctors, and healthcare facilities in the World, however two thirds of our country do not have an access to health insurance, or cannot afford it(Berkin, 2012).

Primary care is underutilized, countries that emphasize on primary care have better health at lower costs.

The rate of the US primary care is low compared to other developed countries; patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.) often don’t receive effective treatments that help them effectively manage their conditions.

This is due to that fact that this can play a big role of ensuring that there is an improved access to health services.

In addition, ensuring that all American citizens have an access to the right health care will also decrease health care costs.

Like education, health care should be considered a fundamental right of all US citizens, not simply a privilege for the upper and middle classes.

One of the most common arguments against providing universal health care coverage (UHC) is that it will cost too much money. While providing health care for all US citizens would cost a lot of money for every tax-paying citizen, citizens need to examine exactly how much money it would cost, and more important, how much money is “too much” when it comes to opening up health care for all.

In fact, some Americans, especially those in lower income brackets, could stand to pay less than their current premiums.

However, even if UHC would cost Americans a bit more money each year, we ought to reflect on what type of country we would like to live in, and what types of morals we represent if we are more willing to deny health care to others on the basis of saving a couple hundred dollars per year.


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