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More energy and resources should be marshaled to help deal with this issue.One major approach that I strongly believe can assist in averting this problem is the implementation of tighter gun control measures in the country.Research hypothesis The major objective of the research is to determine the causes of gun violence in American schools and also find out the extent to which tighter gun control measures can help to deal with the problem.

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Thirdly, to find out if limiting access to guns benefit society.Most times school shootings make the national press while threats to schools are not reported on the news as much.Students a lot of times make phone calls and deliver note threats but unfortunately the national media does not cover this, so the truth of the matter is that this problem is with us more than we can imagine.One major cause of gun violence and increased deaths and injuries in American schools today that cannot go unmentioned is the easy access to guns.In the last two years, it is reported that 85 young people in American schools lost their lives and 75% of these incidents were gun related murders (Congress 2009).Statement of the problem School violence in American schools is a many-facet problem (Thomas 2006).This has in fact made it hard for researchers to actually pinpoint its causes.It must be admitted that specific incidents of school related violent incidences are too many to list.Even though, there were 48 school-based deaths that were reported in elementary and secondary schools in a single year alone i.e. Statistics show that progress is being made in the efforts to curb this epidemic especially since 1992 till date, but a permanent solution is still being sought (Thomas 2006).Sadly enough, many young people continue to illegally arm themselves and cause injury to their fellows and themselves.A study recently carried out by the "National institute of Heath Study" in Boston and Milwaukee that involved 7 graders revealed that, 42% of the kids could acquire a firearm if they wanted, while 28% mentioned that, they had handled a firearm without an adult's knowledge (Congress 2009).


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