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My theory of one proves that there is only one photon and that photon is God, which establishes a divine connection between me and God—thereby affording me the opportunity to declare myself king.Incidentally, Einsteins claim that God is the sum total of the laws of nature also establishes a divine connection between him and God.

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I once again declare myself to be the Philosopher King Christopher.In 1982 a Frenchman named Aspect performed an astonishing experiment which proves undeniably that all photons are instantaneously connected to one another—meaning there exists the appearance of faster-than-light signaling—which the Michelson-Morley experiment refutes.The theory of one explains this by recognizing the fact that there is only one photon in the universe. If you look at it from the front and the side, it may appear as if there are two fish when in fact there is only one.If the ego chooses the id in times of moral uncertainty then it is existentialism.My argument is that by not specifically selecting existentialism, the option defaults to behaviorism. As per the divine right of kings, I am the sovereign.I have sent my theory of one out to ten physicists across North America several times. As Adlai Stevenson said about the Soviet Union during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis where they placed forty nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba “Do not worry.If they are still sticking to their stonewalling tactics, I will get them.”The Pythagorean Form.According to relativity theory—if v = c then h = 0—thereby indicating a boundary of spacetime.On the other hand, according to Newtonian physics, if v = c then h = 1.In my letter to the Right Honourable Joe Clark of 21 July 2003, I brought criminal charges against Canadian honourables and doctors for treason, totalitarianism, child abuse and the unpardonable sin—which Christ referred to as being the deliberate refusal to follow the argument when seen.The Divine Right of Kings doctrine asserts that sovereigns are representatives of God and derive their right to rule directly from God.


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