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How does the first impression play an important role in creating an impression that can last for a very long time or for that matter, forever? When we meet someone, we have never met before; they do not have any clue about who we are.

Since they do not know us or have never met us before, they do not have absolutely any knowledge about the person that we are.

These first impressions are the ones that you make on your teachers and other classmates.

For example, when you start a new class at a school, you want to have a good first impression on your teacher so that they respect you and give you the attention and value that you need.

We always judge which in principle isn't very wrong because this is the way we have grown up in the society.

But we shouldn't forget that we are blessed with an art to empathize. When we meet someone for the first time, the impression is based on many factors viz the circumstances in which we met the other person, the state of mind, also,sometimes we are a mere observer of certain situations and based on that we form our opinion which eventually leads us to judging the other person, sometimes we only see what we want to see or what others want us to see.

How you present yourself in this situation has a direct reflection to the type of environment that you are in. There have been studies of what types of people have what types of jobs in this country.

Depending on the environment that you are in, this will reflect your actions, i... Educational first impressions are very important also.

social profiles, connect with others, but most importantly, feel safe enough to use their own names—to literally be themselves.” (Larson, Selena. Safety and convenience, as Larson mentions in her article, has become Facebook’s first impression about its ability to converge different people’s contact information and make them visible and safe.


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