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Laws regarding our attitude in our relationship with fellow man. Worship can be the most transformational community activity or the one that causes the most dysfunction.While this dichotomous classification is helpful in that it follows the essence of a faith relationship according to Jesus as stated in Matthew -40 there is a further three fold classification of these ten laws which are very helpful as well. As such the first of commandment works on getting the foundation right. Advocating monotheism the command declares emphatically that the Lord who redeemed the people from slavery will not tolerate competition.On the basis of who he is, and what he has already done, God proceeds to give his revelation of the commandments to be followed through Moses to his people.

To misuse a name therefore is to defame the character.Chapter 19 reports them entering into the wilderness of Sinai.Having brought them to freedom God sets the foundation for receiving his revelation through covenant in verse 15 “Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. The rest of chapter 19 details the preparation for receiving the covenant.The latter is not because Yahweh is a false god, but the only majestic God of whom any man made image would be an insult.The first commandment deals with the object of worship and the second the mode.Despite the singular pronoun the commands are God’s revelation for the community at large, but responsibility is laid on every single individual by the use of the singular pronoun.We live in societies today that require ethical and moral behavior from its leaders but the denizens feel they are exempt. It can also be noted that none of the laws carried an individual remedy for failure.While most cultures would say that lying is wrong, the question that often asked is “In such an such a situation is lying wrong?” By looking at the historical, biblical contexts and then the passage we would be able to understand the ethical and moral values that God wants us to do life with, and if they are to be contingent on situations or not.Having entered the wilderness of Shur, they are a discontent community murmuring and rebelling.Nevertheless they experience the care of the Yahweh as seen through the provision of Manna and Quail in chapter 16, deliverance from the hostile Amalakites in chapter 17.


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