Essay Evidence-Based Healthcare Architecture

Essay Evidence-Based Healthcare Architecture-30
Technologies have afforded patients infinite options to use media as the choose.

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When patients are sick, and surrounded by medical equipment and white walls, the last thing they need is a dark, stuffy room.

This is why it is important for every room to have a window for natural light to come into and help create a healing environment for the patient.

Nightingale claimed that sounds that create "anticipation, expectation, waiting, and fear of surprise ...damage the patient."().

Add to the perception and meaning attribute to any sound the factors of age-related hearing impairment common to older patients, heavy medication, pain, and other conditions, cognition is impacted as is the ability to understand language.

Today, the philosophy that guides the concept of the healing environment is rooted in research in the neurosciences, environmental psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, and evolutionary biology.

The common thread linking these bodies of research is the physiological effects of stress on the individual and the ability to heal.

This explains the growing trend of creating healthcare environments that make not only the patient, but also their loved ones feel like they can relax and maybe even forget that they're at the hospital.

It is proven that if someone feels comfortable and relaxed, they can rest easier and heal faster.

With advances in healthcare most patients are treated in an outpatient setting, where they come in have a procedure or test run and then go back to their homes.

Today's inpatients are more likely to have a serious condition and be there for a period of at least several days and sometimes even months.


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