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First, the company says that their writers are not just good, but best of the best.According to the company, the writers pass through very high training and a series of interviews in the bid to ensure that they are qualified to handle any paper from any level of education.

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They look at the certificates of individuals who apply to be part of their writing team.

The individuals’ educational certificates must be showing that he or she is a degree holder with good academic performance at the university.

Based on my experience with the company writing Service Company, there is no proper training that the company does for their writers the company’s claim to be giving samples with strict deadlines when training the writers is not true as they have very poor timing for the assignments.

The company lies to customers that has plagiarism checkers that ensure that works are unique before they are delivered to the customers.

Essaypro writers are therefore expected to be well experienced and aware of all the academic requirements.

The company claims that there are many reasons why customers should not hesitate to get academic assistance through their writers.Essaypro is a Ukrainian based writing service company that does online essay writing to students and other customers who need academic writing essays.It has been in the writing industry for almost twenty years.They understand the attitude of some tutors and academic personnel have about academic writing services.They know that some of them hate them with the claims that academic writing services are part of academic frauds and do not give the true capabilities students.When a customer is too busy to proofread his or her assignment, he or she can get it to them through their site and have it done.Other than the three, the writing service company also offers training materials to students.Essaypro does this to ensure that the writers are sharp enough and can solve through technical academic issues.This is also to ensure that the writers have enough knowledge on the subjects that they want to write on.The company says that their services are unique and very lenient to the customers.They claim that their site is the only place that a customer can get any form of assistance on academic issues. They say that their writers write good essays with incredible uniqueness and perfect language.


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