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There was the big debate with Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus.

Many gay couples raise children who are either adopted or either their own from previous relationships.

In lots of scientific studies it has shown that the outcome of kids raised by same sex couples are the same as if the parents were straight.

There were many religious groups such as the Mormons, Christians, Catholics were trying to fight it and the judge ruled that it would be determined on the 4th of November 2008 if it would remain in effect or not by the total of votes on Proposition 8.

“Proposition 8 is a proposition making it illegal in the state of California for same sex couples to marry” (Ballot Pedia).

One of the most discussed issues around today is gay marriages.

Many people blame the media for the idea of same sex marriages but when you break it down it all comes down to two different opinions.During the time that it was legal for homosexuals to marry, around 18,000 couples were married (Wikipedia).“Between both sides for the Proposition more than 80 million dollars were raised and that made Proposition 8 the highest funded campaign on any state ballot” (Wikipedia).“On the 16th of June, 2008 the Supreme Court of California made it legal for homosexuals to marry” (Wikipedia).Many people were very upset with this and felt that it was wrong.There are kids in schools today with homosexual parents, and it does not seem to affect other kids so how would it effect them if it was legal (Cameron).Society allows people who are sex offenders and murders and felons to get married and have children.On the 4th of November, 2008 with the voting in California Proposition 8 passed and it became illegal for homosexuals to marry.On that day many lawsuits were filed stating that it was un-constitutional and that homosexuals deserved the right to marry. Walker overturned the vote and made it legal again in the State of California for homosexuals to marry (Pending approval)” (Ballotpedia).Gay marriage is not a topic that is going to just go away.There are so many organizations such as Freedom To Marry and Glad are out pushing for gay marriage in every state so we can all be treated equally.


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