Essay Comparing French Russian Revolution

Katie Mc Elvanney explores how women’s lives changed during the Russian Revolution, tracing the history of female revolutionaries in Russia and the different ways women documented and participated in events.

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Towards the end of the 19th century, peasant women began to migrate to the cities in large numbers to work in factories or domestic service.

Although their working hours and conditions were long and difficult, this was the first time that many women experienced independence from the patriarchal village traditions and structures.

The essay will be divided into four main sections, corresponding to changes in Russia's political development and the role which the French Révolution played in the country's intellectual and political life.

The first section will cover the period from the end of the nineteenth century to the révolution of 1905.

This study will examine the influence of politics on historical narration and on historians' understanding of présent events.

It will also attempt to show how extensively history can exercise influence over the politicien.Some of the most well-known women revolutionaries of the 19th century include Vera Zasulich, Maria Spiridonova, Vera Figner and Ekaterina Breshko-Breshkovskaia (Catherine Breshkovsky).The rise of Social Democracy in Russia in the 1880s attracted both women workers and women from the intelligentsia.THE FRENCH REVOLUTION IN RUSSIAN POLITICAL LIFE : THE CASE OF INTERACTION BETWEEN HISTORY AND POLITICS DMITRY SHLAPENTOKH The influence of politics on history is well known.Yet the opposite relationship also holds : history and the images of the past often affect the behaviour of poli- ticians.These intellectuals, mostly men and a few noblewomen, debated in salons and the press on the issue of women’s legal and social status and their role in the family.The campaign for women’s suffrage and equality in Russia gained momentum during and after the 1905 Revolution.The study will also discuss the approach taken to the French Révolution by several main political groups in Russia : monarchists, libérais, and radicals of various persuasions.Besides its general theoretical interest, this topic is important for two other reasons.The second section focuses directly on the 1905 Révolution itself.The third and fourth sections cover the February and Bolshevik révolutions, respectively.


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