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People who make the change are often young people, while the old and the children follow them.The following are some of the other similar problems generated by overpopulation: Food and nutrition problems; housing problems; starvation and famine; infectious diseases and epidemics; increasing population pressure on the cities and development of slums; heavy burden on most resources; decrease in agricultural areas; continuous destruction of forests; threat to environment including wildlife; political instability, war, social evils and corruption, etc.

People who make the change are often young people, while the old and the children follow them.

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Some of the Indian states outnumber several countries in population.

Uttar Pradesh with a population of 166 million leaves behind the Russian Federation, home to 146.9 million people.

Therefore, the following measures should be taken to curb the excessive growth in population: Family planning needs to be seen under its own right.

Right measures will have to be implemented, force will not work, but only through discussions and persuasion, success can be achieved.

India is the second most populous country in the world, after China.

Overpopulation is among the more serious problems that our country is facing, as it accounts for more than 1.20 billion people of the over 7 billion population of the world.In late 2015 the government announced that the one-child limit per family would end in 2016.Here are some of the major consequences of the policy.The population of the region consisting of the Middle East and North Africa have also been expanding at a rapid pace over the past few decades.Latin America can also be reported to be responsible for sounding the warning bells for the world.Interestingly, USA, that ranks 3rd in the list of most populated countries of the world, is inhabited by 311.1 million people who comprise just 1/4th of India’s population.This gap become even more astonishing when considered that the USA is three times larger than India in size.Unbridled growth of population is certainly a problem that our country needs to overcome.The government, NGOs and the people of the society have to work together to solve the problem of overpopulation in our country.Severe water contamination and scarcity have compounded land deterioration.Environmental degradation threatens to undermine the country’s growth and exhausts public patience with the pace of reform.


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