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This paper holds the view that one gains more by reading content than watching.

Movies are a good source of entertainment and information. This is one of the key reasons why most people prefer to watch movies to reading a book.

However, movies on the works and deeds of Jesus are brief, as they are limited to 2 or 3 hours only.

Consequently, during editing, the editors remove some of the key parts of the story due to time limits, implying that the movie audience does not get a chance to watch every aspect of the storyline due to time and other budget constraints.

A person can always avoid such company by indulging in other activities such as keeping company with those who have a positive approach to life as well as a constructive and creative mind.

However, spending time with books is much better than all these activities.

Movies are, however, subject to change in technology.

Movies of the 19th century, for instance, are not as desirable as books written during a similar period because most of them employed inferior technology, and are mostly done in “black and white.” Books are eternal as no technology can render a book unfeasible. They are more detailed and are highly informative and educative in comparison to a movie.

The book brings about an emotional connection between the reader and the characters in the book and is deeply endearing and compelling.

A movie requires the actors to emulate the storyline and behave in a certain manner but human beings are prone to inadequacies and some end up failing to act or behave as expected thus viewers find some movies to be unfulfilling in comparison to the characters vividly described in books.


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