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If your narrative is of a more serious nature, then make sure your title reflects it.There's nothing wrong with calling your book "John Smith: a Personal History" (if that is indeed your name).I say that from the start, because I hear the terms used interchangeably so often. Simply put, an autobiography is likely to cover one’s birth to the present — emphasis often on accomplishments, but the more honest and revelatory the better.

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You can combine your name in a subtitle with a more thematic title, like .

Just keep in mind that the title of your book (along with the cover) is your first introduction to the reader.

is a book people might read because they want to learn about an important historical figure. On the other hand, readers may pick up Roxane Gay’s memoir because they want to read about food, weight, and body image.

They may also have heard it’s exceptionally interesting and well-written, but the desire to learn about a person who shaped U. Or they may admire Gay’s essays available online and want to explore more of her work.

So here’s a breakdown of the difference between memoir and autobiography, that I’ll discuss more below.

There are going to be exceptions to every point on this list, but generally speaking, autobiography aims to be comprehensive, while memoir does not.

Autobiographers set out to tell the story of their life, and while some parts will get more detail than others, they usually cover most or all of it.

Memoirists will often choose a particularly important or interesting part of their life to write about and ignore or briefly summarize the rest.

Her childhood was especially eventful, but it doesn’t stand out because she was famous.

Memoirists do sometimes become famous, but usually it’s for writing memoirs.


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