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The first is mandated sensitivity training for law enforcement, to help eliminate the heat for twice victimized members of ociety.Personnel changes also take place; advocates are brought in to help the victims.

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For ages the Criminal Justice System has been attacked for its lack or empathy and treatment for a victim, this is known as being twice victimized, and because a victim plays an important role in convicting the offender, and the horrible aftermath of victimization the Criminal Justice System is attempting to help crime victims.

Several steps have been set up to help crime victims.

There are many characteristics of victims that contribute to the cause of victimization and the likelihood that it will occur.

These factors are; gender, age, race, income, marital status, and ecological factors.

The reappearance of exploitation of the elderly through multiple violations has heightened with the criminal equity framework confronting expanding strain to check this pattern.

Regardless of all states having enactment whose objective is shielding the elderly population from violations.

Victimization can also be cruelty posed be another person without any consideration of the situation or condition that the other person is in.

According to Fattah and Sacco (2012), various problems have emerged in the fast-expanding population of elderly individuals to the old, groups, and the state.

Finally this paper will talk about how as a society we tend to treat the after affects instead of treating the problem before it happens, with the respect to laws and legal actions.

Hate crimes against homosexual adults and youths happen all over the world and for a variety of reasons.


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