Essay About Soccer And American Football

Here are a few ideas for rules I would like to see changed or adopted in football. Federação Portuguesa de Futebol Federation Internationale de Football Association Futsal Portugal Knee1 KNEEguru; I like basketball and follow the NBA. We could no longer pretend, they said, not to see what we were seeing when we watched a football game.

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Firstly, football rules do not protect players well enough.

Creative, technical players can be fouled constantly with little or no punishment for defenders.

On one hand, some sports already feature video referees and benefit from new technologies.

Moreover, most of these sports have balanced punishments such as blue cards, free throws, etc.

Certainly, all of these sports lack the nearly "orgasmic" nature of football, which is part of football's passion.

Nevertheless, the laws of football must evolve in the same way the rules in other sports have evolved in recent years.

It turned moral with the release of the video of Ray Rice knocking his fiancée cold in an elevator, with Greg Hardy awaiting his appeal on charges of domestic abuse, with the angry red stripes crossing the thighs of Adrian Peterson's four-year-old son, and with the unsurprising revelation that the Tallahassee police hadn't fully investigated the accusation that Jameis Winston had raped a Florida State student the season he won his Heisman Trophy and led the Seminoles to a national championship.

It wasn't enough that football endangered bodies; now it endangered the souls of those who played it, and even the game's climactic spectacle—a grand, cathartic Super Bowl—labored under accusations that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had cheated in order to get there.

We were told not to, in books and countless think pieces that appealed to our individual and collective consciences with a chiding unanimity.

We could no longer pretend that we were watching anything other than men and boys destroying themselves and one another for our viewing pleasure.


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