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Letting others know that we merit esteem allows us time for creating a connection that is healthy even in situations where some people are offended by your assertiveness.Groupthink and peer pressure become less important, and one generates the possibility of positive leadership.

Or rather, it’s a way of relating with yourself and others with a standard of care.

Therefore, behavior is a major factor in how we respect others or earn respect.

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Conflict arises when we fail to respect people from other religions. Some think that other religions are inferior or wrong, therefore, people of other religions are not worthy of respect.

In such circumstances, people try to force their religion on others and propagate hate crimes.Warriors, doctors, hunters, priests, and chiefs are some examples respected people.We show respect to others in various ways, and one of them is by listening to others.Once one has an understanding and respect for the self, they are ready to understand that it is necessary to respect others. Because each self must learn to respect itself, then there must be some space to do so.Therefore, by respecting others we allow them to respect themselves.Yet, if one looks keenly, he/she will find that most religions share a common core that establishes respect as a fundamental practice.Therefore, religions can be viewed as a unifier of cultures and should lessen discrimination among people.Apart from love for self and others, there is a third thing that exacts respect; property.A society can only exist if there’s respect, therefore it must exact laws, customs, and cultures.This means that we should always strive to be candid, courteous, and considerate to our best capacity.Such behavior will help us to earn the respect of others.


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