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This is why we should care for sociological imagination.

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Individual act, history, and location are intertwined.

Sociological imagination demonstrates how an individual perceives the social forces, as well as the cause and effect relationship of an individual or group of individuals with social issues or social forces.

Now, guess I live in the USA when the country has a president who is an African American.

It took a long time to make this change, however, now I have equal rights as whites.

By late 1980s absence of adequate commodities started hurting public.

Bad economy as a social structure shaped individuals behaviors with the concept that Russian Federation was feeding the parasites, non-Russians, so Russians must abandon “them,” the non-Russians.This abstraction points towards the concept of existence of correlation between psychology and sociology.Social context theory reveals this relationship and show societal and social changes over the passage of time, explains the causes that brought changes and offers future change patterns.Conflict theory envisioned a society as fragmented into groups.More powerful social groups exert forces on less powerful groups.When I analyze my own life through sociological imagination, I am able to explain my acts and social forces behind them.If I can distinguish, good and bad acts using wisdom then I can change my behavior and worldview.Social environment dimension consists of social structures that shape the behavior of individual or group of individuals, social process demonstrates how individuals perceive, interpret and interact with the social structures, and social behavior represents the social realities through behavior of individuals.Time dimension enacts the power of the existing societal forces in maintaining social behavior patters (Social context theory).Social imagination acknowledges the existence of interaction between individual or group of individuals and social forces.Social context theory explains how and why the relationship emerged and what changes the relationship could bring over the passage of time. During mid 1980s, country’s economic conditions started deteriorating.


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