Essay About Macbeth And Lady Macbeth Relationship

Her femininity lies in her deep devotion to her husband and the degree to which she understands and loves Macbeth.

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Her interactions with her husband allude to a deep bond between the two.

Macbeth refers to her as his “dearest partner of greatness” (Shakespeare I.5.9,10).

She exhibits a compelling drive that moves her forward as a character and moves her husband’s actions in order to achieve greatness at whatever costs.

Lady Macbeth actively embodies the ideals and characteristics ascribed to other male characters throughout the play.

Macbeth wrestles with the ideas presented in the prophecy of the weird sisters.

He states, “why hath it given me earnest of success / commencing in a truth? He reveals his own vacillating doubts and is uncomfortable with the prophecy.Unlike what she states about Macbeth she does have the ambition and drive to remove whoever she needs to remove from her path to reach the echelon of society she desires.Lady Macbeth’s, so called, masculine traits also mold our perception of her relationship with her husband and the message from the witches.The mettle of a woman is often times weighed down by societal expectations.Women in literature are repeatedly boxed into roles describing them as weak and without power.Barmazel further emphasizes the power dynamics at play when she states, “Macbeth’s inability to master his sexuality and/or impregnate his wife implies that he is also incapable of legitimately fathering a nation” (120).The implications of Macbeth’s lack of power/fertility again reinforces the nature of his wife masculinity.Although the three witches address Macbeth directly it is Lady Macbeth who immediately displays her ambition without hesitation.Macbeth hesitates in believing the prophecy, Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, upon reading the letter immediately exclaims, “Glamis thou art, and Cawdor; and shalt be / What thou art promised” (Shakespeare I.5.13,14).By challenging Macbeth’s power, Lady Macbeth’s own character becomes a much more complex and interesting player.There is no doubt that Lady Macbeth possesses femininity for, as she demonstrates it after reading her husband’s letter, she knows her husband well and she fears his “nature” for he is “too full o’th’ milk of human kindness” (Shakespeare I.5.14,15).


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