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Colonized states were exploited at the expense of imperial states.For instance, sustainable development was overlooked, which resulted in deforestation and the misuse of natural resources.

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They do not consider that times were different back then and instead choose to judge everything from today's standards. Let others work until they die while you can have all the benefits of their labor. All they cared was that an "inferior" race (Africans usually) had a destiny to work for the "superior" whites.

That's why many people say that imperialism, with its slavery and exploited colonies, is evil - only because it is considered evil today. I won't go into more detail here, but I hope you get the picture: we can't easily say imperialism was evil because back then, people thought nothing of it.

But many historians generally consider the British presence in India, while at times horrifically violent, to be one of the most benevolent and productive in colonial history.

India's political system owes much to the institutions put in place by the British over two hundred years ago.

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Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.Imperialism was bad because it did not help the native people become economically strong.It ran the countries’ economies for the benefit of the imperial power, not for the benefit of the countries themselves. For example, it is unlikely that India or Indonesia would be democratic if they had not been imperialized.Such impacts on the environment can be felt today, as many of the formerly colonized states continue to suffer from hunger and poverty.Imperialism is the policy by which one country takes control of the land of another region. The development of imperialism mirrors that of industrialization.I think it would be very, very difficult to make a positive case for Imperialism's global legacy.This isn't to say that there weren't positives that came out of it, especially if you looked through a case by case basis.That being said, there were a lot of evils imposed by the Imperialists.Scenes like the stories of abuses, forced labor and brutality that are coming out of the Congo are still chilling and horrifying to read about.When it was actually happening, though, this was not the case. Now I will give some reasons why people accepted it and some reasons why people didn't.But why, you may ask, were people okay with the brutalization of millions of human beings? Let's start with the former: I'm just giving you some very broad reasons.


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