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“Heal the Hood is an example of violence prevention at its core – looking out for the young, building strong neighborhoods, demonstrating what peace looks like in action.

We are honored to be a supporter of this community led effort to make Milwaukee a safe and resilient city.” Founded by Ajamou Butler, Heal the Hood is a campaign that strives to promote self-sustainability and non-violence.

The series of summer gathering were designed to draw like-minded neighbors who wanted to come together as a community to create something positive.

These images capture select moments from three of the Heal the Hood events over the summer of 2017.

Tre explains the guys that they should stay away from drugs and gangs, as it leads primarily to the destruction.

Ricky is killed by accident in the gunfight, and in two weeks Darin is killed also.

They live in one of the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, which is highly criminalized and dangerous.

Ricky enjoys sports and hopes to rich success in it.

John Singleton film shows the most acute and complex internal social problems of America: racism, violence, poverty, and drug abuse.

This is not a film about hip-hop and banditry, but a story about how children grow up without parents in a war zone with a faceless enemy, where people do not value each other's lives at all and value their own lives just a little bit more.


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