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You start digging a hypothetical ditch, even if with an infant-sized spoon, that will keep getting bigger over time.You confuse yourself, confuse others, lose credibility and put yourself in harm.

You start digging a hypothetical ditch, even if with an infant-sized spoon, that will keep getting bigger over time.

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He is trusted by the people, and respected for his moral character.

A dishonest person may cheat some people some time, but not all the time. Dishonesty is a sin which must come out sooner or later. His character is like a sharp sword made of stainless steel. If an honest man commits a mistake or does anything wrong, he will be excused by the people, because everyone will accept the fact that he must have done it by mistake or ignorance.

The dictionary defines honesty as "moral uprightness: the quality, condition, or An honest person respects others.

Another meaning of honesty is in this context, "In all honesty, I really didn't know." It reflects truthfulness, candor, or sincerity. Honesty has many similar meanings; such as uprightness, morality, trustworthiness, goodness, scrupulousness, decency, rectitude, righteousness, fairness, reliability and honor. The meaning of honesty in this essay is applied about truth.

But one should be honest as far as possible in the modern society.

Essay About Honesty

Honesty is going to take you places in life that you never could have dreamed and it’s the easiest thing you can practice in order to be happy, successful and fulfilled.Honesty is part of the foundation of my core values and principles. It’s about being real with yourself and others about who you are, what you want and what you need to live your most authentic life.Honesty cuts through deception and knifes its way through deceit and lies. Honesty promotes openness, empowers us and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts.If the parents are themselves honest, it cannot be confidently said that their children will also be honest, although the children of honest parents are generally found to be honest and disciplined in life., As the sun is known to all by its light and energy, so an honest person can also be identified by his nature and behav­iour.An honest man succeeds in life better than a dishonest man.Defining Honesty Winston Churchill once said, "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." Everyone has in mind that honesty is being truthful in everything.Honesty is the most important thing a person should possess. Then People will respect one and the feelings of that are priceless.Times that I lied in order to do something that I knew was wrong, I could it.My inner core warred and rebelled against what I was mentally committing to doing because it was in contrast to who I really am. A dishonest shop-keeper may be profited by cheating some people for sometime. An honest shop-keeper will fetch more customers than a dishonest shop-keeper.


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