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Many students take part in different extracurricular activities, and they need to do other things that take a lot of their time.

That’s why it’s important to manage their time wisely.

In most cases students rely on their parents to help them do their homework.

Many parents do not have the time needed to assist their children with homework. Parents already have a full plate, and any extra time in their busy lives should not be dedicated to drilling their children with homework.

Additionally, any extracurricular activities are also put on hold.

Homework is nothing more than a scapegoat for teachers so that they can pawn off their due responsibilities on parents and students.Also, parents who are not able to assist their children are likely to feel guilty and inadequate as parents.Furthermore, many parents may try to relieve themselves from the homework dilemma by hiring a tutor, but unfortunately this may just create another layer of financial stress for parents.Additionally, some parents are just not adequately equipped to teach their children.This alone puts an extreme amount of pressure on parents.Some kids keep telling their parents that homework is only a waste of their time and it brings a lot of stress.There’s a debate whether class assignments are beneficial.What if your homework doesn’t seem a big responsibility?Remember that it still allows you to take charge of what teacher ask you to do and teaches you to be ready for bigger responsibilities in the future. Homework causes stress for students as well as for parents.Homework is extremely demanding and many students are spending far too many hours after school to complete their homework assignments.


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