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Some of their visual signals are very intriguing, like the long, curled tongue of the tamarin monkey, that signals to her mate when she wants to birth her babies. In the forest that most gorillas and apes live in, auditory and visual calls are a much more useful and powerful tool.Calls and vocalizations can also be changed through pitch, loudness, and duration, which means a vast list of messages can be transmitted through one ape to another.These are only a few of the many differences mind you.

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They share a lot of similarities, and this is probably also the reason why they are often compared, but the differences are there and it is too obvious and too significant to ignore.

Physically, apes may have the closest similarities to humans than any other animals out there, but we still are two very different primates.

One day, one of Washoe’s caretakers who was pregnant missed work for a few months after she had an unfortunate miscarriage.

Roger Fouts reviews the following situation–“People who should be there for her and aren’t are often given the cold shoulder–her way of informing them that she’s miffed at them.

But some developed more complex and specialized forms of auditory communication.

Researchers and Specialists have spent years trying to learn how apes communicate and find out if they are able to learn human signals and language.

Alarm calls, territorial calls, food calls, personal identification calls, dominance calls, etc.

these are the basic communication skills that animals need to successfully live in groups rather than be living on their own.

Washoe greeted Kat [Washoe’s caretaker] in just this way when she finally returned to work with the chimps.

Kat made her apologies to Washoe, then decided to tell her the truth, signing “MY BABY DIED”. She finally peered into Kat’s eyes again and carefully signed “CRY”, touching her cheek and drawing her finger down the path a tear would make on a human (Chimpanzees don’t shed tears)”.


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