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Men have simply held a higher status throughout history and up to the present time. Even children's toys socialize children into taking traditional gender roles.To look at the struggle for equality, one must understand gender roles. An example of this social construction is toys for little girls.ERA supporters repeatedly tried to revive the amendment, reintroducing it in Congress in 1983. They then tried to persuade individual states to pass the ERA as state constitutional amendments. The current plan to revive the amendment is so outrageously dishonest — for instance, backers say both previous time limits can be ignored, that prior court rulings are irrelevant and that the previous state ratifications are still valid — that it’s a wonder anybody could argue it with a straight face.

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Well-educated, upper-class men controlled most positions of employment and power in society.

They have held a subordinate status in all areas of their life; this includes the homestead as well as the workforce.

They should be given their rights so that they have the same social, economical and political status as men.

It has been a cultural belief of many regions that women exist to be housewives and mothers; these beliefs give women limited roles.

The amendment, which states that “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex,” was the chosen vehicle to achieve this goal. Three presidents — Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter — signed on.

A radical feminist organization called the National Organization for Women stormed the halls of Congress and forced a vote on the Equal Rights Amendment. Within the first year, 30 of the 38 states needed for ratification passed it, many without holding a hearing on the legislation.

These women mold our future generation, and if they are not given equal rights to men, this underestimation will result in a disaster for us in the future.

The youngsters will grow up to be violent terrorists, who have been brought up in an unbalanced atmosphere.

It is therefore important to provide equal rights to women, because they are also the creatures of God and are send to company 'men' on earth. Conclusion These people believed that woman were made for childbearing and housekeeping and should not be involved in business or politics.

The belief that women were inferior to men in terms of intellect led to limiting their education to learning domestic skills.


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