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It is the kind of movie you can see twice—first for the questions, the second time for the answers.

is as heartbreaking as it is gorgeous; it feels like a classic already. — Barbara Shulgasser, searches for answers that will answer nothing.

It is, in short, the sort of lofty undertaking, which could easily turn a director into an international laughingstock. "The movie treads on dangerous, sacred ground, inviting comparison to such classics as Because Minghella is entirely sincere in his undertaking, there is no margin for error.

"Minghella compresses all this material into a 161-minute movie that has the scope and beauty of which begins with an impossibly tiny plane silhouetted against the vast, empty, burnished desert below, is an essay on love as a sometimes terrible force of nature, a force greater than gravity, a force which finds the loopholes in the laws of physics.

https://studentshare.org/english/1683808-analyzation-paper-on-the-novel-the-english-jpatientquot-by-michel-ondaatje. However, from an absurdist point of view, it is as insignificant as any other attempt to understand the complexity works of the machinery of the universe. Good structure was used to help present the information in a precise and correct format, with a few problems here and there in the presentation of the information.

In his attempt at analyzing the play from a linguistic point of view, Hammond (1979) quotes Sir Tom Stoppard, the British playwright, praising Samuel Beckett for the minimalist approach using which he presented the play. The start of the letter and the headings are all set up correctly, and offer a very finished and professional look to the report.

Nationality is a theme that is evident from the interactions in the narrative and despite Almasy, the English patients claim to non-nationality, it affected his life in major ways.

Nationality in this time when nations were at war in the completely known world affected every part of human life whether they liked it or not.

Other forms of love such as those between Hana and Kip who got into a love affair with comfort and the English patient who was loved y Hana in a pitying and salvation style.

The writer also goes to great lengths to describe the bodies of the characters in his work, which helps the reader to understand them more.


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