English Mark Scheme Coursework

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In order to write a successful commentary, analyse the language levels used in your style model. Your commentary cannot just write about your own Original Writing piece as you need to justify how they relate to your selected style model.The exam lasts 2 hour 15 minutes and is worth 60% of the GCSE.Sample Question Paper 2 Sample Mark Scheme 2 In terms of the texts, pupils will study reading material not previously taught at GCSE level.Get further details here: What's on the new English Literature AQA syllabus?The assessment style There will be a greater focus on SPa G (Spelling, punctuation and Grammar).Grading system and tiers One of the main changes for the new GCSE English 9-1 , and the one causing the most confusion, is the new grading system. The Education Secretary Justine Greening has said that grade 4 is a "standard pass" where as and a grade five is a "strong pass".This suggests that the government and future employees will view grade 5 as the new standard of a good pass.Regardless of the language levels used, aim to cover a range rather than repeating multiple times the use of a particular word class.Do not write about the language levels in a disjointed fashion. The attributive adjective “gold” within the noun phrase “the gold surface.” Through your knowledge gained from the style model, you will need to demonstrate an awareness of genre. How have you shown understanding of how individual genres work (and possibly overlap)? A05: Throughout the entire piece, you will be assessed on your ability to express ideas clearly and carefully using an effective structure.The texts chosen contain more challenging, "tougher" content which will require a deeper analysis and broad read.Interestedly there is also a bigger emphasis on English authors.


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