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On her mother's birthday she roasted a whole kid on the spit. But then it hits me and I make a mental note for myself. Sample essay question: Examine what we are given to perceive about the relationship between "Bap" and "Nicky", their position to their mother, and the connection with the story's title. In the last paragraph of Joyce's “In The Boarding House” Polly forgets and then remembers what she has been waiting for.

She would come home at about five and study until dinner. 'The whole family sat in silence at the table, the children from time to time stealing a glance across the plates at their father.

Unlike the other children, the daughter was aware of her station in the family.

She concentrated on her plate She would have very small helpings.

If no one was watching, she would toss some of her food to the dog under the table. The daughter did little more than work out ways of avoiding meals or making time for learning.

The daughter perceived her mother's loathing in the way she pronounced the word boy.

The tone of her mother's voice was as hateful as when she told the daughter she was fat and ugly. She took a few steps back-wards, side-stepping the sack-cloth mat in the pool of light where the cat lay curled in a tight ring. From then on, the daughter started to play with her food. Each day of the week, she would get up before everyone else and make the coffee.The daughter had said nothing to her mother at the time, but the mother had soon heard about the scandal, for such news travels fast, getting juicier and juicier as it passes from one mouth to the other.And so the mother who could see the sorrow on her daughter's face said that it was best to forget all about boys who were not worth their salt.The day of her last exam, the daughter smashed the mirror in her room.The mother disappeared from the daughter's sight, but her words and loathsome tone kept ringing.She bought new measuring cups and spoons, a new set of kitchen scales and new preparation utensils.She also bought all sorts of little jars and filled them with spices and seeds. The daughter cooked French meals, Spanish meals, Italian meals; she tried Greek, African, Chinese, even Indian.She would do all this before closing the door on a house full of steep and head off to school.At lunchtime, she would dream of fresh bread rolls while working on her maths under the stairs leading to the gymnasium.As the daughter cooked in her mother's kitchen, she lost sight of herself.She cooked for the whole family and for friends of the family.


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