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View Full Profile Calories accompany the nutrition in foods, and if you don't expend them all, you'll gain weight.

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They also decrease the aging process our body goes through.

Oranges are classified as citrus fruits and it has been discovered that they reduce the risk of mouth, larynx, and stomach cancer by 50%.

Broccoli when it is chewed or smashed contains small amount of a chemical called sulphorphane that has anti-cancer compound.

Researchers found that raw broccoli lacks sulpharpane and has no cancer fighting power, but when broccoli is heated to 60 C it contains the anti-cancer compound at higher ratio.

Build a system you can sustain by integrating healthy habits into every part of your routine.

Enlist your friends and your doctor to help you stay on track.Sedentary lifestyle makes us weak and prone to many diseases and leads to many negative health consequences whereas healthy lifestyle makes us healthy, active and alert.It is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it requires a lot of limitation with control on our taste and laziness but the result is always positive.Your lifestyle should support a constant healthy weight, so remain active daily. The guidelines suggest working toward completing 150 hours of exercise a week, but inactive adults should build to this gradually under the supervision of their doctor.You should also include exercise, such as yoga to improve flexibility.Two of the six major food groups are fruits and vegetables.First, oranges have been found to help fight different types of cancers and other ailments.This is a very difficult way obtain sulphoraphane, because you have to be careful not to cook it.Researchers suggest ways to insure high levels of sulphoraphane by eliminating genes, and hybrids with wild strains.All this sounds scary when they are changing the chemical structure of the vegetable.There are always other vegetables and fruits that are rich in other chemicals that help fight cancer and other health ailments.


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