Engineering Thesis Posters

Layout The following suggestions may be helpful but not all will apply to every situation.Background The best backgrounds are usually a solid white or very light neutral color as this will not compete with the content.

Engineering Thesis Posters

Please note, these are templates and section headers may be customized to fit the individual researcher(s) needs. Presenting work at conferences can give students the opportunity to develop their work beyond what is required for a class. All undergraduate students who have completed or are currently working on a research project are encouraged to apply.It can also give them the opportunity of learning from and networking with other scholars, and responding to the ideas of other scholars about their own work. Other On-Campus Conferences College of Health Professions Research Forum STEM Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Philosophy Department's Annual Student Symposium 10th Annual International Research Conference for Graduate Students Wi SE Conference There are many opportunities for students of all majors to present their research at conferences around the United States and the world.Mobile printing to OCC lab printers is available when connected through Secure Wireless or Secure VPN.A Paper Cut Web Print feature allows users to print from their own laptops and netbooks.See the following link for instructions on how to use this feature: A quota of 300 pages per semester is provided.Color laser printers are available in 636 ERC for printing student thesis and CEAS course projects. Office hours are Monday - Friday AM - PM Access to a 42" color plotter is available in 617 ERC.In previous years, some students were invited for interview, and other students have also managed to get industrial collaboration for their project.So it's a good idea to bring some contact details to give out e.g. Articles Ask a Librarian Background Information Books Business Information Chemical Prices Chemical Properties Citation Management Citing Your Sources Current Awareness Searching Designing Posters Device Pairing Document Delivery Encyclopedias Equations Facts Find a Citation Find a Known Item Formulas Get Help Getting Started Gray Literature Handbooks Home Page Industry Information Industry Standards Intellectual Property Interlibrary Loan Journal Articles Keep Current Library News Literature Review Material Properties Overviews Patents Processes Properties of Materials & Substances Recent Additions to the ASU Library Recent ASU Publications Research a Topic RSS Feeds Saved Searches Standards Statistics Style Manuals Summaries Technical Reports Topic Searching Trade Information Writing Assistance Posters present your topic or research in a concise, visual format.Conferences frequently hold poster sessions because they provide an opportunity for many people to display their research at one time to many other people.


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