El Filibusterismo Thesis

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Its commonly known English alternative title is ‘The Reign of Greed’.

in October 1887 in Calamba during his first homecoming.

The novel’s ending, some scholars explain however, should not be interpreted as Rizal’s categorical stand against revolution.

At best, Rizal can be said to be against unprepared and disorganized rebellion of an uneducated people which could have slim chance of victory.

I will continue publishing it as long as I can; and when there is nothing to pawn I will stop …”Rizal’s next letter to Basa carried the sad news that the printing had to be suspended for lack of funds, and it was at this point where Valentin Ventura came into the picture.

Persuasive Essay Against Gun Control - El Filibusterismo Thesis

Having known Rizal’s predicament, Ventura offered him financial help.

The main character’s persistence to push through with the rebellion, on the other hand, seems to suggest that independence is attainable through revolution.

However, the closing chapters rather insinuate that freedom must be attained without bloodshed as the story ends with the failure of Simoun’s planned uprising.

In 1925, the Philippine government bought the El Fili manuscript from Ventura for a large sum of 10, 000 pesos (Zaide, p. It is now being kept in the National Library.“The word filibustero is little known in the Philippines …I heard it for the first time in 1872 when the tragic executions [of the Gomburza] took place. Our father forbade us to utter it, as well as the words Cavite, Burgos (one of the executed priests), etc.

The Manila newspapers and the Spaniards apply this word to one whom they want to make a revolutionary suspect.


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