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They organize to make work decisions, solve work related problems, make plans, and manage change.A team meets with the purpose to achieve something.

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For a business spanning the entire world, a team may not always be physically present around each other.

In such cases, a person representing a set of teams cooperates with the representatives of other teams across the world.

Teamwork simply refers to a group of people working towards a common goal with a positive spirit.

Each individual brings forth his/her skills while coordinating with the efforts of the other team members in order to produce a desirable outcome.

They may be a task force, discussion panel, work group or any other group of people gathered together to meet a specific goal.

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A team is a functioning unit of people who have work task that are dependant on each other and those who are committed to collaboration and coordination.A lot of organizations have appreciation techniques which notify employees about their performance, and also about the best of the lot.This makes all employees work harder in order to achieve the 'best employee' tag, thus contributing to the team efforts. There are a lot of things that we cannot achieve as an individual, this is where a team enters.Healthy competition refers to the struggle to work harder than other members, but ultimately for the benefit of the team as a whole.This competitive nature along with a sense of cooperation is very essential to maintain team spirit.The ability to work as a team has become very vital these days.Most workplaces consists of several teams, each with a small group of individuals.The former (business) is not a one-man job; the businessman has to deal with several clients and companies, and additionally with people working under him in order to make his business productive.Similarly, in a job, there are teams as per the nature of the job, for ex: administration team, audit team, advertising team, etc.As businesses expand and grow, one can no more rely on individual efforts to succeed.People have to work together in order to achieve gross business targets.


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