Edward Cullen Abusive Essay

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At least it isn't the most objectionable part of the "book".

It's even arguable that Bella gets to enjoy her apparent pro-life martyrdom without actually having to experience any lasting consequences.

The extreme life-or-death nature of Bella's pregnancy arguably places her and her decision not to have an abortion on a high moral pedestal.

Thus, she may not be depicted as simply exercising her right to choose, but as making a heroic sacrifice and doing something righteous, with the implicit message therein being, "no matter how dangerous it gets, abortion is never the solution." However, whether this really is pro-life rhetoric in pro-choice clothing is pretty much personal opinion.

The trust she places in Jacob, as well as in her family, who fully expect her to live happily ever after with her predestined mate, will make it difficult, if not impossible, for her to refuse him.

To fix this, Meyers made it out that Renesmee, though still a child, has the maturity and intelligence of an adult, is growing up super fast and will stop once she reaches the age of 17.After Edward reads the thoughts of Renesmee he realizes she likes to hear the sound of her parents' voices and loves them very much.This event significantly changes Edward's outlook on the child and is soon on Bella's side in terms of keeping the child.The core of anti-feminism is, conversely, telling a woman she can't do something solely because she's a woman—taking any choice away from her specifically because of her gender.[…] One of the weird things about modern feminism is that some feminists seem to be putting their own limits on women's choices. It's as if you can't choose a family on your own terms and still be considered a strong woman. Are there rules about if, when, and how we love or marry and if, when, and how we have kids?Very little physical description is given of Bella in the "books"; Meyer did this intentionally, ostensibly to allow readers to "more easily step into [Bella's] shoes." which was apparently drawn largely from looking in the mirror (see right).To up the creepiness factor by a trillion, Meyer has stated that she loved her vampire-ravaged Mary Sue heroine "like a daughter," and that this love inspired her to call the character Isabella, a name she had been "saving for [her] daughter, who had never shown up and was unlikely to put in an appearance" (Meyer has three sons). Meyer might feel about his wife pairing off her surrogate character with her fantasy dream man.When she's literally on the brink of death, Edward saves her by turning her into a vampire, imbuing her with magic vampire healing powers that conveniently un-break her spine and close her emergency fangsarean section Moreover, she'll never have to endure the typical hardships associated with teen motherhood, as the Cullens are insanely wealthy (owning, for instance, a private tropical island, on which Bella got knocked up).The birth scene in Part 1 of the two-part Breaking Dawn "film" adaptation is reported to have caused several viewers to suffer seizures due to "black, red, and white flashing lights." It is also possible that Mormonism is extremely neurotoxic, acting as a convulsant poison similar to Water Hemlock."Yeah, people get a little weird about it, and think there's something wrong there." According to her, there's nothing amiss about the situation, as pedowolf's feelings for Renesmee will remain those of a "very dedicated father or older brother" until she grows up and "needs something else." Critics have contended that an adult man taking the role of a trusted guardian in a child's life in the expectation that his relationship with said child will later develop into something sexual is akin to child-grooming.Jacob's imprinting, viewed in this light, means that Renesmee's future choices are being made for her.


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